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Industrial Park Podosinki
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Green Town Group: Podosinki Industrial Park and many others

In a picturesque area near the village of Selevkino, in the closest proximity to Moscow, there is an industrial park with a rurally cute name Podosinki. Yet the pastoral name shouldnt mislead those who hear about Podosinki for the first time: this is where one of the largest industrial centers of the Moscow region is being formed; a number of large innovative industries operate there. We talked with its managing partners, spouses Vladislav Koltsov and Irina Milova about the prospects of this area and the plans of the Green Town Group.

- Mr. Koltsov and Mrs. Milova, the Podosinki Industrial Park was formed around the AeroStone plant (Dmitrovsky Plant of Aerated Concrete Products), which was built by the Green Town company. Last year the plant was sold to another owner. However, your Industrial Park has long been more than just a plant. What is Podosinki like today? What makes the park attractive to its residents?

Mr. Koltsov: -The Podosinki Industrial Park is located on the industrial lands of Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region, 40 km from the capital. The total area of the park is over 67 hectares: 10 hectares are busy with infrastructure facilities, 49.4 hectares are inhabited by the current residents, and 7.7 hectares are vacant for the potential ones.

Our Industrial Park is notable for its excellent logistics: it is easily accessible from the Dmitrovskoe Highway and adjoins the Small Moscow Ring, which is accompanied by the Central Ring Road, the entrance to which is located two kilometers away from Podosinki.

The nearest railway cargo station of the Savelovsky direction, Iksha, is 10 km from the park, and Sheremetyevo airport is at 45 km distance.

Mrs. Milova: - The infrastructure necessary for the development of industrial and economic activities of residents: gas, electricity, central sewage, fire water supply system, Internet and telephony are there for the services of residents.

The industrial park with modern infrastructure, new communications with the necessary power reserve and transparent management is attractive for investors. The investment project success usually depends on efficient connection to utilities and transport accessibility. The position of the Podosinki Park in these terms is reliable. The presence of a Management Company with the necessary administrative and legal resources is also very attractive.

There is one more advantage: the Green Town Group holding creates its own cottage villages in Dmitrovsky, Solnechnogorsk and Istra districts. Some villages of the Dmitrovsky district, for example, Melikhovo or the new village of Chistye Prudy, which is scheduled to be launched this year, are located near the Industrial Park, which is convenient for its residents. The specialists invited from other regions can move to our villages, equipped with all the necessary communications, so that they can get to work without problems.

Mr. Koltsov: - There are 12 residents in the Podosinki Industrial Park at the moment, three of them have already launched enterprises, and produce products.

These are: Dmitrovsky Plant of Aerated Concrete Products, which produces autoclaved aerated concrete, the Royal Taft weaving mill that manufactures woven carpets, and EGIDA PTV, the worlds leading manufacturer of firefighting foams.

The maximum number of residents for our park is 17 plants.

- How many investments were made by the holding in the development of the industrial park? How many jobs have been created?

Mrs. Milova: - During the existence of the Industrial Park, the Green Town Group has invested in it more than 2 billion rubles.

To date, there have been created 553 jobs. This figure will increase significantly as new enterprises will be constructed and launched.

- I think its worth talking about Green Town projects that are underway, or are just planned. And not only those for placement on the Podosinki Industrial Park territory...

Mr. Koltsov: There are many of them, and they are multidirectional.

In 2021, a new project of Green Town Group will be launched on the territory of the Podosinki Industrial Park - a plant for the production of dry and wet food for dogs and cats using unique technologies which are not represented in Russia yet: fresh meat is used instead of meat and bone meal.

If we talk about other projects not related to the Industrial Park: we got licenses for exploration and mining of minerals - building sands in the Dmitrovsky district, work under the licenses is underway. The holding has experience of work in sand quarries: we had pits in the Vladimir region, Krasnodar Territory, a granite quarry in Karelia, cement deposits in the Saratov and Ryazan regions.

But nevertheless, today the company interests are concentrated mainly in the field of industrial parks, which are interesting also for small and medium-sized businesses working in the food, manufacturing, trade and storage sectors.
The launch of three new projects to the market is the immediate plans of the company.
First of all, it is an agricultural cluster in the Dmitrovsky district, specializing in the agricultural products processing. Four own production facilities of Green Town Group were designed on 31 hectares area.

Among them is the Appetitov kitchen - factory for the production of ready-made meals for long-term storage. This will be the full production cycle of ready-to-eat meals in portioned packaging: semi-finished products, fillings, side dishes, ham, sauces and broths for the domestic and professional consumers. After the launch of all project capacities, it is planned to produce up to 150 million single servings of prepared dishes per year. The production will be based on modern cooking technologies that provide high consumer qualities and taste. The uniqueness of the products will be guaranteed by cold sterilization technology that preserves vitamins and biologically active substances in the finished dish, and the own production of all the constituent components of dishes and products guarantees quality control with the possibility to create a wide range of products.

It will also house the production of substrate and exotic mushrooms and a facility for the production of feed additives for productive animals.

The enterprises are designed according to modern quality requirements, with the participation of highly qualified specialists from Russia, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands. The project currently is undergoing the necessary approvals and engineering communications are in the works.

Secondly, the company plans to develop a new promising area in the field of warehouse real estate - Light Industrial. Production and warehouse facilities of this format are very popular in the USA and Western Europe. These are small specialized facilities with an approximate area of 120 - 2000 sq.m. They allow to place small production facilities, optimize work processes by combining the warehouse with administrative and office premises. The layout of the warehouse module is determined by the owner, here you can place everything you need for business - production, warehouse, office, showroom. This is an ideal warehouse property for online stores, distributors, trading firms.

One such complex will be located in the city of Khimki, the Moscow region. Thirty thousand sq.m. of new buildings in Light Industrial format and a warehouse of personal belongings Self Storage are designed on the territory of 4.7 ha. The warehouse module area varies from 120 to 160 sq.m. The location is one kilometer from Moscow Ring Road, close to Sheremetyevo Airport provides convenient access and central communications - all this is very attractive for investors, especially today, when commercial real estate has become a risky asset. The Light Industrial format appears to be very advantageous.

The second logistics and warehousing complex for 18 km, which includes objects of Light Industrial format, is planned to be launched in Solnechnogorsk city district, near the village of Zhilino. Pyatnitskoe Highway is one kilometer from Zelenograd and three - from the railway station Kryukovo. The project is still in the initial stage, but it is already envisaged by the approved General Plan.

Mrs. Milova:- The Pharmacea project, which specializes in the development, testing and implementation of highly effective innovative drugs of domestic production for the agro-industrial complex of Russia, is also of the great interest: in crop production - on cost-effective and environmentally friendly pesticides and growth stimulators with very low toxicity; in the field of animal husbandry - on demanded veterinary preparations of a wide spectrum of action, such as antihelminths, fungicides, bactericides, wound-healing and antimastitis means. Moreover, the company plans to start producing a number of effective drugs for dogs and cats.

- During its 17 years of activity, Green Town Group has already launched a number of interesting and exciting projects. Tell us about some of them.

Mr. Koltsov: Indeed, tremendous experience has been gained over the years. For example, together with our partners we built the Podosinki greenhouse complex in Dmitrov; more than 25 varieties of elite roses are cultivated there on the basis of the latest technology provided in cooperation with Dutch companies. The complex includes three greenhouses with a total area of 9 hectares.
The breeding agricultural enterprises have been restored in Istra and Dmitrovsky districts of the Moscow region.
The Dmitrovsky agricultural enterprise grows quality seed and food potatoes, strawberries, oats, wheat, triticale (a hybrid of rye and wheat), winter wheat, barley. The research and production laboratory grows elite planting material for garden strawberries. We cooperate with the Lorkh Institute of Potato Farming, have a license agreement with Nemchinovka Moskovskiy Niiskh Gnu, FSBSI INIISH for the right to use spring barley Vladimir.
The Istrinsky agricultural enterprise keeps a herd of 1,300 black-and-white cows. This is a holsteinized breed of high milk productivity. At the same time, 535 heads are pedigree dairy cattle producing up to 9 tons of milk per day.
The Yaroslavka agricultural enterprise has been recreated in the Yaroslavl region. It produces milk, a wide range of sour-milk products and cheese.

- Yes, the activities of the Green Town Group holding are really extensive and diverse, as are its plans. And if we return to the Podosinki Industrial Park, how would you formulate the main task of its Management Company?

Mrs. Milova: - Our main goal is to help residents to launch their businesses as soon as possible.

We highly appreciate relations with each of our clients and always find attractive and mutually advantageous conditions of cooperation!

Prepared by Elena Alexandrova